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Amazon Web Services

A remote computing environment to our clients via Amazon; facilitating a large computing capacity replacing their physical server, is the idea that we deliver to partners by Amazon web services. Feathersoft provide companies of any size with a groundwork of a rostrum of web services in the cloud. We provide services as per your need to gauge power, storage and other services providing a pliant IT infrastructure. We arrange you to pay only for what you use without any forthright cost, facilitating a cost effective way to deliver your services to clients or customers.

Why partner with Feathersoft for Amazon Web Services?

  • We partner with Amazon for our web services hence providing you scalable, trustworthy, and secured distributed computing infrastructure.
  • We forecast unforeseen business demand in ease.
  • We enhance computing power to accelerate large scale simulations.
  • We support unlimited media files.

We offer the best web services tailored to your needs for efficiently managing your infrastructure on the web anywhere, anytime, everytime in ease. Build your webservices banking on our bond with the leading giant, Amazon.

Carry your business in ease making your business operational activities to function seamlessly.

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