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Case Studies

Basheer - Sulthan of Malayalam

Project Background

The client is one among the top five prestigious literary publishing houses in India. Lately the group has ventured into the field of publishing e-books and that is when they approached Feathersoft with the idea of an exclusive iOS app and Windows 8 PC app exclusively dedicated to a renowned Malayalam literary figure Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The Basheer app is a digital platform enriched with animated videos and audios of Basheer's literary works, which include videos with an insight to his life's memory lane, audios on his conversation and famous sayings, his literary works in text format, personal letters, reminiscences of family members and friends, biography, autobiography and a picture gallery. This idea of a digital platform portraying a great icon in Malayalam Literature is the first innovation made ever in the field and Feathersoft plays the lead role to deliver such a great visual and reading experience to all Basheer Fans worldwide.

Business Requirements & Challenges

The client approached us with the idea of developing a digital literature platform exclusively for depicting the literary works and a live portrayal of the well-known author Basheer of the Malayalam Literature world. The client being the leading publisher especially in Malayalam publication possess many content about the author, all with patent license and hence was highly concerned about the security of their content while publishing it in online media like an online app or a PC app. Protecting the content as to oblige to the patents held by the publishing company was the greatest challenge Feathersoft took up as part of the Basheer app development. The core requirements from the client side are

  • Digital Platform ensuring security on content as to comply on the copyrights and patents held by the client.
  • A well encrypted platform assuring proper content encryption.
  • A rostrum of features portraying Basheer's life and literary works by delivering his literary works in form of integrated e-books available in Malayalam font, audio, videos, letters and animation.

In short the client was looking for an app dedicated to Vaikom Muhammad Basheer's life and literary works portraying the large content base on the icon delivering a great visual experience to readers strictly ensuring copyright and patent terms on the content available in the app.

Our Approach

With a deep understanding of the client requirement our team set forth to find the right solutions for the problem in hand. Since we thought a continuous improvement strategy would work well in this scenario, Feathersoft used the Agile Methodology ensuring constant interactions and inputs from our clients, assuring next-to-nil ambiguity in the idea of the deliverables. The requirements were as clear in the team's mind as were in our clients'. As we constantly innovated approximating the visual experience of the app, our team in parallel worked on a well locked system as to protect the content uploaded in the app in such a way as the reuse of it is restricted.


The data in the videos and audios is highly secure as encrypted videos & audios are used. Thus, end users can run the videos in the application only. As the app provide a lot of videos, many with a file size around 300 MB, we ensured performance by implementing a partial downloading system - by which the users could play the video as it is downloading. We found it difficult to represent a few Malayalam letters using any of the existing Malayalam Fonts. Also, we were not able to apply a separate style to the Unicode fonts. So, we edited an existing font and designed some letters so that we could represent all the letters in Malayalam and apply the style we chose.


We designed, developed and deployed a highly interactive Multimedia iPad & Windows PC application for this digital platform. Latest technology is used, the application being developed in iOS 7 and in Windows 8 PC. We have enhanced the app with High Definition Graphics to enrich the user experience with user friendly navigation. A highly cost - effective model is successfully implemented so as to reduce the cost of development.

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