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Our new website, team Feathersoft and some reflections.

January 1st, 2014 was nothing less than a milestone for Feathersoft, for it is on that day that we had our new website launched. You might ask, what the big deal is for an IT solutions provider like us in launching a website. Therein lies the story.

It is 8 years since we started the journey called Feathersoft and we did have a website where we made the occasional updates. But the website was a very basic kind. Nothing like the sites we develop for our clients. In short we didn't worry about the web design and development of Feathersoft website. We were busy, and in fact too busy with website development for our clients, giving those websites a professional feel and quite naturally we didn't give our own site much a thought.

In 2008 we started iPhone development and in 2010 we added iPad application development to our mobile portfolio. Sensing the huge opportunity in mobile application development we decided to start android app development which was just evolving during that time. We started aggressively growing our business with digital magazine solutions for iPad and android, interactive e-books for children and e-book readers for iPad, Android and Blackberry. Within a short span of time we scaled up our business building front end and back end applications, including content management systems, enterprise application integration, enterprise consulting solutions, BI Solutions, Corporate intranets , web application development etc.

In recent years we forayed into mobile enterprise application, windows 8 mobile application development, html5 app development with interactive UX designs; getting our foot hold stronger in mobile application development. We widened our scope in web development services, developing e-commerce sites and better responsive web design. Offering internet marketing solutions were the obvious next step, with our SEO solutions, keyword research services, facebook marketing services, facebook application development adding on to and advancing ahead our portfolio in the process. We were so focused on these projects we had to shelf our plan for the new improved Feathersoft website time and time again.

Between 2008-12 periods the web dynamics were changing rapidly and with the advent of social media , people were aggressively using the web. Since 2012 we were planning to do major updates to our website, we held discussions, made plans, created designs but with business growing and with increased work load we never got a chance to concentrate on our own website. Our clients being the most important priority, the Feathersoft website plans had to be put on hold yet again.

I always wondered just how on earth we survived without updating our website for so long and the answer is the customer trust in us in delivering quality IT solutions. Over 50% of our repeat customers stands testimony to the fact that helping our customers has always been our main focus as we understand our customers' expectations on us to deliver the right solutions for their specific IT needs. Our customers were our 'updated website', they recommended us, and their business success resulted in our business growing and the question of a new updated website did not arise, and that is until 2013.

So what triggered the new website plan?

It was in September 2013, we were busy with projects and we had submitted a proposal for a Responsive website project for a large software company based in the UK. We had already done a mobile app for them which they were very happy with and as such we had every reason to believe we would bag this project. Right when we were about to finalize the deal the Project manager of the company called up the Country manager who was dealing with us and aired his reservations about Feathersoft's ability to deliver the project. And the reason for his objection? His concern about our website. Our website which got very little attention from us since its initial launch with the exception of portfolio updates whenever needed, the website with so many years of neglect was getting back to us and how!

Meanwhile, the turn of events set me thinking on the importance of the website in showcasing our work. The kind of work we did didn't get much visibility for Feathersoft and we weren't doing anything to make it otherwise. We have done close to a 1000 websites, 100's of web-based apps, e-commerce projects, content management systems, developed business intelligence solutions, created more than 200 apps for iOS ,100+ apps for android and 20+ apps for windows Mobile 8. The list of our accomplishments was long, but our website didn't do anything to reflect our achievements. We decided then and there to give our website the priority it deserved and gave our-self 3 months' time to build a new website that better reflected the kind of projects we were handling.

So first things first. We needed a team to make sure it was done on time. Being in IT Business ourselves it was difficult to spare developers to work exclusively on the Feathersoft website. So we developed our own content management system with php Zend framework 2.0 which would allow the content to be edited inline directly on the website, so the marketing team could pitch in, taking some load off the developers' shoulders. We formulated a plan and strategically formed a team so we could finish the website within the stipulated time without compromising on the other projects in hand.

And this got possible because of the dedicated support of the website team. I am not listing out their names here because everybody at Feathersoft contributed in the development of the site. It was a team effort. One thing I have learnt over the years is that if you want to accomplish great things and build a great company we have to have the right team working behind it, and it is this team spirit which helped in the development and completion of our website in 3 months' time. I feel proud to be the part and parcel of Feathersoft. We have extremely talented and committed teams who are passionate about technology and delivers outstanding quality of work. It is with the same passion we serve our customers.

And what happened to the Responsive website project? Did we bag it? Yes we did, but it took some convincing on my part and seeing some of our completed projects they were happy to go ahead with the deal. The client was so happy with the designs which we did they decided to use them for all their corporate branding. The end result? One more, happy client ready to recommend us to other businesses who could benefit from our products and services.

Happy 2014 everyone!!

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