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Feathersoft are experts with well versed experience, working in HTML5 and CSS3 to enhance the look and feel of websites. Combining these emerging languages Team Feathersoft have successfully provided an immense power over the structure and presentation of our partner websites. Our HTML5 and CSS3 experts have revamped our partner websites with an appealing and modern web presence. We have helped our partners to upgrade their websites to the next phase in the web, with an elegant visual experience.

Why partner with Feathersoft in HTML5 & CSS3 development?

  • We provide our partners an elegant presence in the web world.
  • We focus mainly in animation, videos and canvas.
  • We are hedge forward, as web technology is ever-evolving and we cater flexibility to our clients.
  • We are packed with an experienced team in transforming iOS apps to HTML5, creating HTML5 apps and design of catchy CSS3 website templates.

We cater you to enhance your visual design, with a simple user interface, replacing all flash content and assuring your website to be more mobile friendly. We support our partners to help their businesses by encouraging them to utilize such fresh technologies to gain a competitive edge over their business.

Do you plan to invest in revamping your website with us? Why wait? Get in touch with one of our experts to choose the best services to suite your needs.

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