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Keyword Research Services

A Marketing research campaign initiates with keyword research and is highly important to target the correct words to direct the campaign to success. These keywords play the role in diverting traffic to your website and bringing up your ranking. Selecting the apt keywords is not the case of knowing which keywords are searched the most with the greatest volume, but an instance finding those with the apt intent that will bring in paying customers to your website and improve your profit. Feathersoft experts in keyword research service, takes into account all the possible keywords in your industry to find those words that will provide huge numbers of qualified traffic into your site.

Keyword Research Services

Feathersoft Keyword research services is packaged with

  • Analysing and researching possible sets of keywords.
  • Focusing on contectual keyword in align to keyword geo-targeting.
  • Picking on major keywords and using them for both PPC Campaigns and SEO purposes.

Experts at Feathersoft understands the importance of an effective keyword research analysis to kick start the ranking and step you up among your competitors. For more information on our keyword research services connect with our experts right away.

SEO experts experienced in suggesting different keywords like

  • Generic Keywords
  • Comparison Based Keywords
  • Product and Brand Specific Keywords
  • Location/Geo Combination Keywords
  • Call to Action Specific Keywords

SEO's experts mastered in SEO tools like

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
  • Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker
  • Google search based keyword tool
  • Google Trends
  • Wordpot Free Keyword Tool
  • NicheBot Classic
  • Google Insights for Search

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