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Legacy Systems Integration

A large pool of enterprise data and its processes is linked to legacy systems comprising of custom applications, mainframes and other applications deficit of proper accessible interfaces. Feathersoft has helped our partners to blow-over the challenge of legacy systems integration. Our solutions have a forthright approach in bringing out legacy systems integrating legacy data formats and legacy transport protocols.

Legacy Systems Integration

Why partner with Feathersoft for Legacy systems integration?

  • We can Deploy your legacy integration project faster and at a lower total cost.
  • We utilize swiftly deployable technology to complete your project more quickly.
  • We integrate your legacy systems without a massive SOA stack deployment.
  • We have experts in accessing legacy systems that lack modern interfaces.
  • We have experience overcoming the challenges between legacy interfaces and protocols and Internet-based protocols.
  • We cater the best utilisation of data from the legacy system.
  • We are experts in exposing your legacy in a modern, standardized format.
  • We enable a flexibile solution for the future.

Legacy systems integration services at Feathersoft offer

  • Robust support for a variety of legacy systems, protocols and data formats
  • Faster time to project deployment
  • Less developer retraining.

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