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Migrating Legacy Systems

Feathersoft is skilled in migration and integration of legacy systems, bridging the gap between the past of an enterprise and its future. Our migrating solutions to clients encompasses ultimate returns with nominal investment ensuring that a solution is engineered utilizing the existing assets. We are specialized in the domain of migration whether it is a platform migration like moving from mainframe environment to sever environment or just web-enabling a legacy system, facilitating both exporting or importing from legacy systems.

Migrating Legacy Systems

Why partner with Feathersoft in Migrating Legacy Systems?

  • We assosiate with administrative information system, with progressive alteration of operations to accommodate market demands
  • We improvise productivity bridging an Ahead Process Control (APC)
  • We improvise operational efficiency bridging to Ahead Operational Assistance (AOA)

The general roadmap of Feathersoft for migrating legacy systems are

  • Assess the system for migration
  • Preparing the system for migration
  • Migrating the Legacy system
  • Carrying out post-migration changes
  • Testing and Reviewing the system
  • Post-migration support

Enterprises today should not wait for a migration strategy to be forced into being implemented in a crucial situation as it is not viable. Growing business, technological advancements, outdated enterprise systems and changing business processes, demands a proactive solution. By enabling reconstruction of existing enterprise system and application migration provides opportunities both the current and future technologies facilitate. Companies that take care of migrating systems in pace with technology, can drive the changing business environment for business success, in the present and future.

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