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Mobile Apps development

Enterprises are engrossed in investing in mobile apps development rather than a mobile friendly website because of the immense possibilities they offer. The mobile app market would offer you various apps with immense capabilities but the most apt app to bring value to business is the biggest challenge ahead. Mobile applications have proved to bring in a huge revenue flow, with competent features that can attract customers easily and as they get all their everyday activities done through mobile apps; like booking movie tickets reading their favorite magazine or even to get the road directions on a road trip.

iPhone Application Development

Feathersoft is into iPhone application development ever since the device was launched into the market. In this short span of time we have proved our excellence in this field with some cut throat competitive apps. Our iPhone application development team, consisting of developers, interface designers and project managers are masters in balancing out client ideas, assuring iPhone platform standards, quality user feedback and efficient handling of technical deadlocks and challenges in the project. Our large pool of clients have experienced phenomenal success with our apps striking to the top of the list whether it be under the paid or the free category in the App store.

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iPad Application Development

The entry of iPad has completely transformed the idea of apps among users and Feathersoft has made the best out of this opportunity by bringing up some multi-abled iPad apps for our clients. Our experience and involvement with Apple and iOS environment has proven time and time again to be the best advantage for us to bring up quality iPad apps for our partners. Our iPad application development team is constantly researching and analyzing the potentiality of this fresh platform in the view of user's and client's and has delivered cool apps equally competent and potent on the utility front.

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Android App Development

Android is a fast pace hedge forward platform and so is the demand for Android App Development. Feathersoft has been one among the early initiators in the android development sphere and we are equipped with experienced expert engineers for Android app development. Android has seen aggressive leverage in view of market penetration and so is the field of Android gaming coming forward. We provide competitive android apps with an appealing design to our clients with ease of use to their customers. Our apps are tailored according to the features and capabilities as per our partner requirement.

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Windows 8 Mobile development

A study among the American population have shown that almost one among two people own a smart phone, out of them 73% access websites on them, but only 20% of business enterprises have a mobile optimised site and 64% of their mobile time is spent on apps. In such a vital era of smartphones and mobile apps Windows 8 platform based mobiles and tablets moved into the market bringing up wide opportunities in the Windows 8 mobile development space.

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Windows 8 Apps Development

Feathersoft has proved its ability in Windows 8 apps Development exclusively for tablets and our developers are highly competent to take up challenges and integrate the platform for any device. We assure our partners to be benefited by our experience, knowledge, skill and in-depth understanding on the Windows 8 Apps development space. We pilot you from the phase of conceptualization to deployment evolving a winning application. Windows 8 has more than 300 features to enrich your Windows 8 app and our engineers are well versed in utilize them to the best.

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Html5 Mobile Development

The worldwide tumult for a cost-effective and cross-platform Mobile app solution, HTML5 has stepped forward as a core focus in future. With many technology players putting in efforts in promoting HTML5 for mobile app development and its high end ability in building innovative models of user interaction, HTML5 is all ready to revolutionize the whole mobility experience. Feathersoft has also stepped in as we have always kept an eye on the latest technological development, marshal resources and developing our critical competency on the upcoming trends. We started off our mobile app venture with iOS and Android followed by Windows and now aligning our learning curve in mastering HTML5.

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Mobile Application Testing

QA and Testing services at Feathersoft address the challenges of mobile application testing effectively. By facilitating a fully operational iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Custom Mobile Application Testing service, we leverage the App development cycle while cutting-down on the operational and management costs of our partners.

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Legacy Systems Integration

A large pool of enterprise data and its processes is linked to legacy systems comprising of custom applications, mainframes and other applications deficit of proper accessible interfaces. Feathersoft has helped our partners to blow-over the challenge of legacy systems integration. Our solutions have a fortright approach in bringing out legacy systems integrating legacy data formats and legacy transport protocols.

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