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Product & App development

Product and Application development is a fast changing area with new products and apps being launched every day with the ever increasing market demand. Keeping pace with technology changes is the biggest challenge faced by companies today. Moving ahead with the times we have proved our ability in product and app development across multiple platforms, enhancing system function in different platform environments.

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced product and application development has gained popularity due to the rapidly changing technologies and customer expectations. Outsourcing offers businesses the much needed flexibility in product and applications development. It helps businesses focus on plans and strategies without losing sight of generating value products for its customers. With outsourced development businesses get access to a pool of highly skilled technical experts experienced in delivering products and applications that are not only robust but also scalable, not to mention the cost effectiveness of it all.

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Web Application Development

Over a decade the web is the hotspot for businesses to link and convey information with their prospects and to transact with customers. Web applications leverage the online presence of a business resulting in a long lasting and profitable customer relationship. Feathersoft are the minds for developing applications which serve business functions with stability, accuracy and productivity. We emphasize the ease and comfort of our end users while fostering our web applications.

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Desktop Application Development

Customers prefer accessing their services on multiple devices including their PC back at home. Feathersoft along with its experience in Mobile apps has hands on experience in desktop application development for clients delivering their services to the desktops of their valued customers. Our desktop applications provide the security and reliability which may not be successfully fostered by web application; even though web being the most preferable option of our times. We deliver in our desktop apps the power and performance enhanced from a desktop clubbed with a catchy user interface as in a web application.

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Flex Application

Flex applications at Feathersoft has always been a visual treat to clients to convey their business at its best to their customers. Flex being a powerful development package with huge quantity of in-built features enhance it to provide innovative applications to attract the attention of your valued customers. We have expertise in flex mobile, flex web, and flex enterprise applications as to deliver our partner requirements. We are the pioneers to innovate the capabilities of Flex in sculpting out challenging solutions to the market.

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Enterprise Application Development

Feathersoft have fostered various competitive enterprise applications that have assisted our clients in solving their business problems. We have hands on experience in delivering enterprise applications of high standards which integrate the other enterprise applications across various networks ensuring strict security aspects and administrative management. Feathersoft have also moved into facilitating Software as a Service where we act as the enterprises application service provider (ASP) and facilitates the application to our client as an in-house or hosted service.

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Case Study


The client is one among the top five prestigious literary publishing houses in India. Lately the group has ventured into the field of publishing ..

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