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Feathersoft is head over heels about delivering the best quality solution to our clients competing with global standards by choosing the best development model. Software Quality Assurance is the concern of Team Feathersoft to reduce costs and improve product time to market. Each project works according to a quality assurance plan which is just like a test plan, clearly defined as a part in the SQA plan. We formulate a metrics of parameters to develop a strategy to improve the quality of software processes and work products.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance at Feathersoft is defined by planned and systematic patterns of actions ensuring quality in solutions. The responsibility of each stakeholder like Software engineers, project manager, Software test engineers, etc. in ensuring quality is clearly defined. A development strategy to ensure quality solutions is formed based on certain quality assurance elements like standard, reviews, audits, testing, error collection and analysis, change management, safety management, etc. We adopt standardization while developing your solution and follow it throughout the development cycle. Audits and reviews are done by the SQA team to check on the quality guidelines compliance during software engineering. We plan and execute software testing procedures to optimize the product to perfection. Errors and defects in data are collected and analyzed with immense care as to understand how errors are introduced and can be eliminated. We ensure security by the use of proper process and technology to achieve desired security level. Our SQA team checks on the risk management processes and defines alternate contingency plans to overcome risks.

Quality Assurance Procedure

Our QA team works by following a step by step procedure starting off with defining an QA plan for the project. The team then takes part in the discussions for the development of software processes to assure a good understanding on the processes as optimizing processes is important to achieve quality. Our QA team then reviews the software engineering activities and verifies its compliance as per the defined software processes. The team then audits each software work product checking on its compliance with the defined software processes. Our QA team ensures that any deviations found in compliance of software and work products are well documented and evidences of non compliance are recorded. This documentation and evidences on non compliance are reported to the project manager for action.

Quality Assurance Goals

Quality assurance is achieved by adopting the right testing method to test and optimize the software to achieve certain goals like requirement quality, design quality, code quality and quality control effectiveness. Under each of these goals we have well defined parameters to be achieved which is the key results to assure while our software test engineers test the software to precision. The parameters to focus on as to ensure quality in the software requirement are ambiguity, completeness, volatility, traceability and model clarity. Design quality is to be achieved by focusing on parameters like architectural integrity, component completeness, patterns and interface complexity. To assure code quality our testers focus on optimizing on parameters like complexity, maintainability, understandability, reusability and documentation. Quality control effectiveness is achieved by efficient resource allocation, completion rate and testing.

Software Safety & Reliability

We define software quality assurance activity focusing on identifying potential hazards that could cause a software system to fail. We encourage in the earlier discovery of software hazards allowing developers to specify design features to eliminate or control the impact of potential hazards. With immense care we determine the likelihood of a failure to occur and take measures as to ensure reliability. In order to ensure safety we go about the different conditions to cause a mishap due to system failure and take steps to protect the system from such conditions. Softwares reliability is measured directly and estimated using historical and development data. Our experience in assuring software reliability has helped us to trace back to errors in design or implementation. In overall our Software Quality Assurance team is well developed with solid methodologies to assure quality solutions to our partners.

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