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Responsive Website Development

Responsive website development is an approach of adapting a site to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Responsive design based websites gives a better user experience in any device whether it be smartphone or tablet. Responsiveness is achieved by the progressive enhancement technique which is all about facilitating the basic content and functionality, accessible across all web browsers. Web pages created using progressive enhancement are more accessible, because the approach focuses on the content to be available by all means overcoming any obstruction caused by unsupported or easily disabled scripting.

Responsive Website Development

According to the Pew Internet Research Center, as of September 2012, 87% of all American adults have a cell phone, while 45% have a smartphone device. Moreover, 25% have a tablet computer. As of April 2012, 56% of adult cellphone owners access the internet via their mobile device. As mobile web is transforming local search convenience, most users prefer use of smartphones for everything even to locate the nearest coffee shop, restaurant, or department store.

As consumers browsing from their mobile devices is increasing, a fully functional mobile website is essential for your business. Have your website been developed to meet your consumer needs? If not, a responsive website from Feathersoft is the answer.

Responsiveness of sites is achieved by Progressive enhancement approach that encompasses accessibility according to the user's device. The aim is to facilitate to everyone access to basic content and functionality of a website, starting with the smallest of devices like your smartphone and gradually enhancing the experience to larger devices with more advanced browser software, with greater bandwidth and more powerful processing.

Responsive website development with progressive enhancement is the best practices standard by Feathersoft to give our clients the best. If you own or manage a website in the era 2013 you should be very concerned with content availability, overall accessibility and mobile browser compatibility.

To discuss more on progressive enhancement and responsive web design contact our experts today to reinnovate your overall web strategy.

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